New Ecommerce Tools: April 2, 2024


Our weekly rundown of new tools aims to help ecommerce and omnichannel merchants. This installment includes updates on customer engagement tools, B2B payments, product discovery, digital marketing, fraud prevention, post-purchase solutions, and conversational commerce.

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New Tools for Merchants: April 2

Twilio launches Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot to combine customer data and AI. Twilio has launched two new products within Flex, its cloud-based engagement platform: Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot. Unified Profiles provides businesses access to a native data layer powered by Segment (Twilio’s customer data platform), enabling the collection and activation of real-time, consented data for personalized interactions. Agent Copilot leverages this data alongside AI to empower employees with automation and enhanced productivity.

Main web page for Twilio FlexMain web page for Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex

TreviPay introduces B2B financing and payment application features. TreviPay, a B2B payments and invoicing network, has announced a self-financing option and enhanced payment application features to give sellers more control over their trade credit portfolio. The new services give B2B sellers choices over how they fund growth.

Digital River unveils eCompass to drive international expansion. Digital River, a platform for cross-border ecommerce, has launched eCompass to help brands identify and evaluate global expansion opportunities. Powered by transaction data from 150 million global consumers, eCompass gives brands market-level insights and access to Digital River’s proprietary benchmarking data through new interactive dashboards.

Post-purchase platform Route announces expanded integrations. Route, a post-purchase package tracking and protection service, has teamed up with Klaviyo, Recharge, Salesforce, Status, and Zendesk. The integrations allow merchants to integrate Route with their existing ecommerce systems, streamlining operations and optimizing customer experiences. Route states that it powers shipment tracking, package protection, and carbon offsetting for 13,000 merchants. Route’s integrations with leading platforms, tech tools, and carriers build upon its core post-purchase customer experience tools.

Home page of RouteHome page of Route


Adobe introduces Firefly Services and Custom Models. Adobe has announced Firefly Services and Custom Models to change how brands create and produce personalized content at scale. With Firefly Services, brands can access over 20 generative and creative APIs, tools, and services that eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, from resizing assets to generating and expanding backgrounds for merchandising and ecommerce. These capabilities are embedded into Adobe’s Cloud applications.

Google launches updated product discovery tools for shopping. To provide users with a personalized shopping experience, Google is releasing product discovery elements, including style recommendations, brand preferences, generative AI for item search, and virtual try-ons. When users search for apparel, style recommendations will appear to rate options and provide personalized results. Brands can offer additional looks for more personalization. AI image generation provides realistic visuals to match a shopper’s vision. And virtual try-ons ensure apparel looks as intended.

Zorang introduces ContentHubGPT for Walmart Marketplace. Zorang, a content and commerce company, has released ContentHubGPT for Walmart Marketplace. This generative AI-based content suite allows Marketplace sellers to create engaging story-like descriptions for their product content. According to Zorang, ContentHubGPT for Walmart Marketplace is a comprehensive solution to generate search-engine-friendly product titles, feature bullets, descriptions, and more.

Web page on Walmart Marketplace for ZorangWeb page on Walmart Marketplace for Zorang

Walmart Marketplace – Zorang

Mastercard and Worldpay partner to prevent merchant chargebacks. Mastercard and Worldpay are enhancing the transaction experience by helping merchants resolve payment disputes faster and with fewer chargebacks. Through the partnership, Worldpay, a global payment technology provider, will offer Mastercard’s Alerts to its 1 million merchants worldwide. The service provides an early warning that helps prevent a dispute from becoming a chargeback, reducing fraud.

Claspo integrates with Shopify, enabling marketing widgets for merchants. Claspo, a website pop-up and widget-building platform, has announced its integration with Shopify. Claspo states that its Shopify app allows merchants to easily create widgets for various marketing goals without technical hurdles and extensive learning. Per Claspo, merchants can manage and scale widgets and boost sales globally with detailed geotargeting and dynamic languages, with minimal effort and reduced risk of errors.

Dashbot integrates with Amazon Lex for conversational analytics. Dashbot, a language data and conversational AI platform, has integrated with Lex, Amazon’s platform for building conversational interfaces. The collaboration harnesses Amazon Alexa’s natural language capabilities while providing insights through Dashbot’s analytics platform. Through Alexa, users gain granular visibility into communicating with Lex chatbots, identify conversational trends and sentiment, and pinpoint areas for conversation flows, refining chatbot responses based on real-world user data.

Bidpath unveils AuctionPay for online auction payments. Bidpath, a provider of online auction software, has launched AuctionPay, a payment platform. According to Bidpath, AuctionPay simplifies payment processing, offering affordability and efficiency to enhance core operations. Bidpath aims to boost bidder participation and reduce transaction fees by ensuring a seamless and secure payment process.

Home page of AuctionPayHome page of AuctionPay


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