10 New Ecommerce Books for Spring 2024


Here’s a batch of new ecommerce books for spring. There are titles on digital marketing, team development, content marketing, AI, launching a startup, and growing a business.

I compiled the list using Amazon. From the “Books” category, I selected “Business & Money.” From there I chose the “Processes & Infrastructure” sub-category and selected “E-commerce.” Then I handpicked titles from that group based on customer ratings and relation to ecommerce. I also selected a few titles from the “Business Development & Entrepreneurship” sub-category.

New Ecommerce Books for Spring 2024

Punchlines to Profit: How to Leverage The Power of Comedy to Create Revenue-Generating Content by Megan Nager

Cover of Punchlines to ProfitCover of Punchlines to Profit

Punchlines to Profit

“Punchlines to Profit” explores the art of comedy in successful digital marketing. Whether for an established brand, a startup, or a content creator, adding humor to an online presence is a powerful way to establish a voice, entertain an audience, and gain a following. Discover the power of authenticity, the psychological effects of comedy, ways to implement comedy into your content and brand, and professional tips from stand-up comedians. Paperback $15.95.

Reignition: Transforming Stuck Startups into Breakout Winners by Dave Hersh

Cover of ReignitionCover of Reignition


Drawing upon the author’s experience as an entrepreneur and investor, “Reignition” outlines how to transform a stagnant startup into a lean and focused organization — and remake an established company. Learn to avoid common mistakes around premature scaling. Gain the confidence to change a company, the skills to do it, and the reassurance that you are not alone. Hardcover $27.95; Kindle $9.99.

Create Once, Distribute Forever: How Great Creators Spread Their Ideas and How You Can Too by Ross Simmonds

Cover of Create Once, Distribute ForeverCover of Create Once, Distribute Forever

Create Once, Distribute Forever

“Create Once, Distribute Forever” guides entrepreneurs wanting to unlock efficiency, brand awareness, and sustainable digital marketing success through content distribution. Learn the ins and outs of content, how to overcome roadblocks, why remixing and republishing content is important, and how to uncover your business’s most profitable distribution channels. Hardcover $26.99; Kindle $7.99.

Untrapping Product Teams: Simplify the Complexity of Creating Digital Products by David Pereira

Cover of Untrapping Product TeamsCover of Untrapping Product Teams

Untrapping Product Teams

“Untrapping Product Teams” outlines tactics for working with product teams on digital products. Explore the product journey. Learn to recognize dangerous traps and the strategies to overcome them. Simplify decision-making, apply mindful product discovery, use delivery to accelerate value, and measure results beyond outputs. Craft product principles and set solid foundations for product teams. Paperback $39.99; Kindle $14.95.

Time Is Now: A Journey Into Demystifying AI by Raj Verma

Cover of Time Is NowCover of Time Is Now

Time Is Now

“Time is Now” will help entrepreneurs and small business owners leverage AI and emerging technologies for practical decision-making. Through stories and relevant examples, explore AI and learn how today’s leaders must make decisions through a convergence of information, context, and choice. In the explosion of AI, leaders have a responsibility to learn before they act. Leverage today’s tools with the insight needed to benefit the future. Hardcover $27.99; Kindle $9.99.

Simple Marketing for Smart People: The One Question You Need to Win Customers without Gimmicks, Hype, or Hard Selling by Billy Broas, with Tiago Forte and Ali Abdaal

Cover of Simple Marketing For Smart PeopleCover of Simple Marketing For Smart People

Simple Marketing For Smart People

Cutting through the clutter of the modern digital marketing landscape, “Simple Marketing for Smart People” helps readers create simple yet authentic marketing to resonate with customers and clients. Learn techniques to instill beliefs necessary to compel customers to act. Craft essential and effective marketing content through email, social media, and a website. Kindle $7.99.

The Covert Code: Mastering the Art of Digital Marketing by Anna Covert

Cover of The Covert CodeCover of The Covert Code

The Covert Code

“The Covert Code” presents clear solutions to take control of your digital media strategy. Learn the insider rules for optimizing digital media, how to create a strategic budget, when and how to leverage search marketing, where remarketing will deliver optimal value, and more. Discover how to decode the digital marketing landscape and seize the opportunity to connect with the customers you need. Hardcover $32.99; Kindle $9.99.

Zero Risk Startup: The Ultimate Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mitigating Risks When Starting or Growing a Business by Paulo Andrez and David S. Rose

Cover of Zero Risk StartupCover of Zero Risk Startup

Zero Risk Startup

“Zero Risk Startup” is designed to help entrepreneurs systematically reduce risk on the path to success. Mitigate entrepreneurial uncertainties through more than 100 practical tips and tools. Learn whether or not to start a business, how to identify and mitigate risks with the Zero Risk Startup methodology, strategies to get external funding, and AI technologies for risk mitigation. Hardcover $29.99; Kindle $8.99.

Growing Your Beautiful Small Business by David Y. Choi

Cover of Growing Your Beautiful Small BusinessCover of Growing Your Beautiful Small Business

Growing Your Beautiful Small Business

“Growing Your Beautiful Small Business” is for small and early-stage companies experiencing challenges. Learn fundamentals and perspectives on entrepreneurship, practical business lessons, and intellectual exercises to develop growth strategies and plans. Paperback $14.95; Kindle $9.99.

Stress-Free LLC: A Quick Start Blueprint to Easy Business Entity Formation by Wesley WealthGuard

Cover of Stress-Free LLCCover of Stress-Free LLC

Stress-Free LLC

“Stress-Free LLC” is a practical guide to forming an LLC. Get a clear seven-step plan for swift and efficient LLC formation. Learn actionable tactics to optimize your LLC’s tax structure and financial efficiency. Discover why an LLC is your gateway to protecting your assets and minimizing risks, ensuring a secure foundation for your entrepreneurial endeavors. Paperback $9.99.

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