10 Women-Owned Businesses in the Industry


Deep within the vibrant tapestry of marketing and advertising, a seismic shift is taking place, and women are leading the charge. Not only have these women-owned businesses shown exemplary prowess in navigating the complex world of trends but they’ve also fostered innovation and inclusivity at every turn. 

From creating influential campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences to pioneering cutting-edge digital tools, these women business owners are redefining what it means to be a leader in the field. 

Obvious.ly: Rewriting the Story of Women-Owned Industry

Founded by Mae Karwowski, Obviously. is a leading influencer marketing agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, and Sydney.

Source: Obviously

Obvious.ly offers a comprehensive suite of influencer marketing services from content creation to campaign management. They also assist in choosing the right influencer for the right product or service.

Among women business owners, Mae Karwowski is herself an influencer marketing pioneer. With a great deal of experience in social media marketing, she identified the growing potential of influencer marketing in its infancy. 

But Obvious.ly is more than just an influencer marketing agency. As a women-owned small business, they’ve also developed their proprietary technology to provide detailed, real-time campaign updates and analysis. The company is well-regarded for its worth with Fortune 500 brands and companies and it caters to large brands and enterprises with considerable marketing budgets. 

Bop Design: Outshining Their Male Counterparts in the B2B World

Co-founded by a woman business enterprise innovator, Kara Jansen, Bop Design centers around branding, web design, and content marketing. They primarily focus on B2B companies in corporate industries like biotech, healthcare, finance, and technology. 

Source: Bop Design

In its early days in 2008, Bop Design was a basic website design company like many others located in Southern California. As the world and the web shifted in recent years, Bop Design also needed to shift its focus. 

What made this company stand out among women-owned firms was its fresh focus on developing brand identities, creating engaging websites, and using content marketing for lead generation. Their services stand out precisely because of their comprehensive suite of services that complement their B2B clients’ internal marketing teams. 

Appetite Creative: Showcasing the Creativity of Women Entrepreneurs

Founded by Jenny Stanley, Appetite Creative is an award-winning agency that combines creative technology and marketing, serving B2C brands with innovative and unique campaigns.

Appetite Creative counts numerous well-known brands among their clients including Apple, Adidas, and PepsiCo.

Source: New Digital Age

As a result of Jenny’s leadership and her determination to help advance the use of creative technology in marketing, she has attracted a passionate team that’s hyper-focused on connecting brands with their audiences.  Among women-owned businesses, you could say that hers has an appetite for ensuring the right brands reach the right people with the right products at the right time.

PartnerCentric: Scaling Women-Owned Small Businesses with Perfect Partnerships

Created by Stephanie Harris and built on her vast knowledge of affiliate marketing, PartnerCentric today is one of the largest women-owned marketing agencies in the U.S. As its name implies, Partner Centric specializes in finding the right publisher partnerships for its clients.

Source: PartnerCentric

The agency uses data-driven analysis to help power its marketing efforts and works with large and small companies alike. This women-owned business is one to watch!

Elevate My Brand: A Woman-Owned Powerhouse of Branding and Design

Founded by Laurel Mintz, Elevate My Brand creates branded content experiences for both B2B and B2C clients. The company’s services span a wide range of marketing specialties including branding and web design, all the way to social media marketing and content development. 

Source: Medium

Elevate My Brand has left its mark as one of today’s leading women-owned businesses by demonstrating that in a world traditionally dominated by their male counterparts, women are just as capable of excelling in advertising, marketing, and design.

Elevate My Brand’s portfolio is an impressive one, showcasing their work on well-known brands including Zendesk, Saks Fifth Avenue, Verizon, and even Paw Patrol, demonstrating that the versatility of women-owned businesses knows no bounds!

Underscore Marketing: Award-Winning Digital Marketing for Health-Related Companies

Lauren Boyer, the CEO of Underscore Marketing, has been involved in digital marketing since the 1990s. As an early innovator in this space, she has won numerous awards for women-owned firms including MM+M’s Women of Distinction and PM360 ELITE100 Mentor Award.

Source: Underscore Marketing

Today, Underscore Marketing is focused squarely on health-related companies and includes business services such as omnichannel marketing, strategic marketing, health media, search, and audience insights. 

The company has been completely focused on the healthcare market since 2002. Although their case studies don’t name names, they nevertheless have a wide breadth of experience across different marketing channels. 

PB&: Unabashedly Proud of Being a Women-Owned Business

Based in Seattle and led by Principal Brittany Fero, PB& is a fiercely independent women-owned small business. They particularly excel at helping brands maneuver through tough challenges with bold ideas. 

Source: PB&

Some of the brands they’ve worked with include Budweiser, Zillow, Marriott, and more. They’ve been named the Small Agency of the Year by AdAge for the second time owing to their unconventional approach. 

The Creative Exchange: Skyrocketing Annual Revenue Among Women-Owned Businesses

Responsible for over 14 million dollars in sales, The Creative Exchange is headed by Anna Sullivan and a team of top performers in design, videography, copywriting, and marketing. They’ve created memorable ads for many up-and-coming brands including Future Family and Good Chemistry. 

Source: Muse by Clio

Their services include social media strategy, product and brand launches, social media management, influencer marketing, and content production and design. They’ve generated significant numbers for the companies they work with, helping them gain millions of followers. 

Pulp + Wire – Prioritizing Economic Justice for Women Designers and Entrepreneurs

Women-owned, founded, and run, Pulp + Wire sees themselves as “Brand Alchemists” and it’s evident in what they create. With well-known brands including Bob’s Red Mill and Petco, they specialize in branding and packaging as well as digital marketing. 

Source: PB&

Taja Dockendorf founded Pulp+Wire nearly two decades ago because she saw firsthand the fragmented communication between designers and brands. Her leadership has led Pulp+Wire to become internally recognized for its grit in problem-solving, brand growth, and creative solutions.

Soup Agency – The #1 Australian Business for SEO and Email Marketing

Established by Katya Vakulenko, Soup Agency has quickly risen through the ranks of women-owned businesses to become the premiere marketing and ad service company in Australia. Now reaching out to a global audience, Soup Agency’s services include social media management, SEO, and email marketing.

Source: LinkedIn

Their founder gained experience originally as an account manager and sales coordinator. Through her leadership, Soup Agency has become one of the most sought-after digital agencies in Australia.

Their clients include several well-known brands across Australia such as Beeline, Car Next Door, and Komerco. Just recently they spread their wings and started working with U.S.-based companies such as Brooklyn Haberdashery by handling their email marketing. 

How to Be Recognized as a Women-Owned Firm

Did you know that women-owned businesses (in any industry, not just advertising) can get money from federal agencies? The certification process is handled through the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program. at https://wosb.certify.sba.gov/.

This certification process helps women compete for and receive federal contracts from government entities, particularly in industries where women-owned businesses are underrepresented.

As long as a business is 51% owned by one or more women, it can qualify. As part of the certification process, you’ll need to answer a few basic questions, but this is a great way to ensure economic justice for women, and having your WOSB Certification can help boost your business profile as well.

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