Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2024


Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs!

We laughed, we cried, and we cheered and gasped– but not necessarily at either of the teams playing this year’s Super Bowl (full disclosure: we did a bit of that too). No, here at Jungle Communications, we had our eyes on the Super Bowl ads. 

As an agency that is admittedly better at creating ads than playing football, we wanted to see what some of today’s top brands and companies had up their creative sleeves; after all, these ads cost millions of dollars not even counting the millions paid for a spot when most Americans’ eyes are glued to the screen. To us, watching the commercials is just as big of a deal as who scores a touchdown! 

So which Super Bowl ads stood out? Which Super Bowl commercials made us laugh? Which ones made us think? Here is our rundown of the best Super Bowl commercials of 2024. 

Funniest Super Bowl Ad: Reese’s

Making its return for the first time since its Super Bowl success in 2020, Reese asks the all-important question in its Super Bowl ad “What happens when you change a classic recipe?” Given that Reese’s peanut butter cups have been around since 1928, reactions to an upcoming change to the iconic candy are…shocking. 


From a man dunking his head into a crock pot of chili to another man busting his head through a wall, the feelings of change to a dearly-loved recipe are handled with all of the melodrama you’d expect. When the change is finally revealed, tempers are quieted and calm restored.  But what about that hole in the wall? 

We loved this ad for its extreme take on what happens when you meddle with something that’s already delightfully delicious. It’s funny, with a hint of reality (remember New Coke?), and demonstrates that if you’re going to make a change, it had better be good. In this case, it’s the one thing that can make peanut butter and chocolate even better: caramel. 

Most Innovative Use of AI: Crowdstrike

Super Bowl commercials are no strangers to AI. With technology taking the world by storm, today’s brands are increasingly finding unique ways to position themselves and craft remarkable ads using artificial intelligence. 

One of the coolest was by far Crowdstrike’s Wild West showdown. It features Charlotte AI, a recurring character, as she battles cyber threats in the form of Wild West robots. Part Gunslinger, part Mad Max, this ad features cool characters, an interesting storyline, and a satisfying ending. It was, by all accounts, a Super Bowl success story.

Compare this AI ad to something like Microsoft’s Copilot ad, entitled “Watch Me”, below that, while a solid and poignant ad, isn’t particularly memorable. While Copilot is cool and innovative, this ad is forgettable among the style and sizzle of others that incorporate AI-generated designs rather than showing them on a mobile phone. 

Cutest Super Bowl Ad: E*Trade Babies

The E*Trade baby is at it again, this time with a friend in Picklebabies, which shows us that no matter how old you are, it’s never too early to start saving. With a fiery burn against more aggressive adult players that encourages people to “get in the game”, you can’t help but smile at the cuteness of this ad.

It’s a great ad strategy as well, seeing as how the E*Trade baby has been a part of the company’s ad campaign since 2008. He often makes an appearance in Super Bowl commercials, talking about investing in a surprisingly adult manner. This has led to his appearance as one of the most recognizable characters in the Super Bowl Sunday lineup.

Super Bowl Commercial that Made Us Go WOW: Google

For millions of people with low vision or other visual impairments, being able to navigate the world can feel like living in a blur. Google’s latest entry into the Super Bowl ad foray touts the Google Pixel 8 and specifically its new Guided Frame feature.

It shows a man with a visual impairment, Javier, as he goes about his life with his dog, meeting and dating a beautiful woman, which leads to marriage, a home, and even a baby. 

In every scene, he’s taking pictures or selfies, and the bright yellow guided frame shows him precisely where the area of focus should be, so that his pictures, from his dog to his wife to his newborn are all flawless, even if his sight is not. 

Most commercials featuring some new technological breakthrough will focus clearly on that innovation – and not much else. But Google has shown us that the technology itself isn’t nearly as important as what you do with it, or in this case, what it can do for you. Sometimes there are ads during Super Bowls that make even more of an impact than the game itself. It’s a very real way of showing how something as simple as a phone can be life-changing.

Super Bowl Ad that Tickled Our Nostalgia: Budweiser

No one can deny that Budweiser has had a rough go of it over the last year, particularly Bud Light. However, just like the recurring appearance of its iconic Clydesdale horses, this is a brand that refuses to give up. Bud Light commercials are some of the most famous parts of Super Bowl LVIII halftime. In this ad, Clydesdales make their 46th (!!!) big game appearance in this Super Bowl ad, entitled Old School Delivery.

Beyond the symbolic Clydesdales, this Super Bowl LVIII ad also features another beloved cast member: the yellow lab from the company’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial, “Puppy Love”. For fans of the brand and fans of Bud Light, both young and old, this ad is a throwback to what makes brands great. Will this Bud Light ad be enough to bring back fans?

Best Celebrity Appearance in a Super Bowl Commercial: Jason Momoa

Some famous names have made their mark during Super Bowl LVIII, from Kris Jenner to Arnold Schwarzenegger. But perhaps this year’s best Super Bowl ad celebrity appearance award goes to Jason Momoa. Alongside Zach Braff and Donald Faison (a mini Scrubs reunion), he ends up doing a splashdance when a Super Bowl party ends up getting canceled because of a lack of internet connection. 

And honestly, who doesn’t want to see Jason Momoa do a splashdance? It’s almost a guaranteed Super Bowl success for a brand to feature him in their ads.

Most Realistic (Tongue-in-Cheek) Super Bowl Ad: Squarespace


Directed by Martin Scorsese, “Hello Down There” is a humorous take on what would happen if extraterrestrials landed in our digitally-obsessed world. Does it matter that aliens have landed when there are funny cat videos to watch? People are glued to their phones constantly, even as UFOs span overhead and aliens try to initiate first contact. 

However, this Super Bowl ad by Squarespace shows that the only way you’re going to get people’s attention is…surprise! With a website.  It makes you wonder if people would look up from the Super Bowl to notice an alien invasion.


Most Inspirational Super Bowl Ad: He Gets Us


For the second Super Bowl in a row, the “He Gets Us” Campaign delivered thought-provoking commercials designed to contextualize the message of the Bible in modern-day settings.


The campaign’s 60-second “Foot Washing” spot, aired in the first quarter of the game, featured a montage of ordinary people serving their neighbors, especially those often marginalized and forgotten in our culture.


Taken from John 13, the commercial was successful in breaking down misconceptions and stereotypes about Jesus while exhorting viewers to follow his example of washing the feet of those we love, and those with whom we disagree. That is some radical, inspirational, “must-see” TV.

Most Surprising Super Bowl Ad: Verizon


The collaboration we didn’t know that we needed. Verizon and Beyonce teamed up to release a commercial titled “Can’t B Broken” (and it say the least, it broke the internet).

Throughout the commercial, we see Beyonce and comedian Tony Hale participate in a series of adventures from AI Beyonce to BarBey to dispute what would break Verizon’s 5g service.

As if the ad wasn’t clever enough, we get a surprise nod to Beyonce’s new song and album release immediately after the ad premieres during the big game.

What an iconic release!

The Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2024? 

So what did you think of Las Vegas hosting its first Super Bowl at the Allegiant? Were you hoping for a throwback to past matches featuring teams like the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, or New York Giants?

Were you looking forward to another year of the Bud Bowl or hoping for the Big Game to take place in San Francisco or Kansas City? Do you watch the game for pure NFL history or do you watch it purely for the commercials? Are you already making plans and predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl in 2025?

Many of these Super Bowl ads were showcased during the Super Bowl LVIII halftime, but just because they’re shown in the middle of Super Bowl LVIII doesn’t guarantee they’ll be remembered. We can all remember iconic ads like “Hey Kid” or those old Bud Light ads, but today’s Super Bowl showcases are geared toward a different time as well.

These days, with AI technology, cutting-edge digital designs, and millions and millions of people tuned in, Super Bowl ads are not something that’s taken lightly by any brand.

Every brand dreams of an iconic Super Bowl win for themselves in terms of brand recognition and loyalty, and this year’s Super Bowl was no different.

We saw some old friends and some fresh new faces in the mix but one thing was clear: Super Bowl LVIII was certainly one to remember full of beautiful, stunning, and remarkable ads and brands we’ll be keeping a close eye on for upcoming Super Bowl ads and beyond.

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