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Remember the days of predictable Valentine’s Day ad campaigns plastered with red and pink, solely pushing flowers, chocolates, candy, and generic “Happy Valentine’s Day” messages?

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 and is celebrated annually in the US and other countries around the globe. Established by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD, offers a unique platform for businesses to break the mold and connect with audiences on an emotional level.

While other holidays often rely on specific traditions and imagery, Valentine’s Day opens up a diverse landscape of love stories waiting to be told. From swapping hand-drawn cards with friends in grade school to expressing adoration for one’s mother and family to deepening romantic connections, this holiday offers a unique opportunity to connect and celebrate the diverse ways love enriches our lives.

Did you know?

The first mass-produced valentines weren’t just any paper greetings but intricate works of art born in the 1840s! Inspired by a fancy valentine from England, a young woman named Esther Howland started creating her own in her father’s stationery shop in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

She hand-assembled these early valentines with real lace and floral decorations, complete with heartfelt verses. Soon, with the help of local women, she was churning out thousands of cards, making Valentine’s Day greetings accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy.

Saint Valentine: The Rebellious Muse of the Valentine’s Feast Day

Before we dive into the creative whirlwind of Valentine’s Day campaigns, let’s meet the historical and celebrated figure who ignites this annual celebration: the enigmatic Saint Valentine.

Forget Cupid and his crazy arrows—the true OG Valentine’s Day hype man is Saint Valentine, a figure draped in mystery and intrigue. While the historical details surrounding him are as complex as a love triangle in a rom-com, the story of his legendary defiance against a grumpy Roman emperor resonates deeply with both lovers and modern marketers seeking to stand out in the crowded February 14th battlefield.

Picture a third-century Roman defying the tyrannical Emperor Claudius II by secretly marrying young couples during the outlawed “Lupercalia” festival. Talk about a rebel with a cause! Whether sending love notes to his jailer’s daughter following his capture or simply advocating for romantic love in a time of strict societal control, Saint Valentine’s actions became celebrated as a symbol of hope and rebellion.

Fast forward to modern times. While the “Lupercalia” may be gone (thankfully), the spirit of Saint Valentine lives on in the creative campaigns businesses craft around Happy Valentine’s Day. Marketers channel his rebellious spirit for inspiration, weaving narratives and stories that echo his daring acts and clear message: love conquers all, even grumpy emperors.

Cupid’s Role In Saint Valentine’s Day

So, where does Cupid fit in on Valentine’s Day, you ask? While Saint Valentine remains the OG love rebel, defying emperors and secretly officiating weddings in ancient times. Cupid, the Roman god of desire, entered the scene much later, around the 4th century BC.

Unlike Valentine’s bold acts, Cupid was more of a playful prankster, armed with love-inducing arrows and known for mischievous matchmaking. Interestingly, the Middle Ages saw Cupid associated with the idea of courtly love and chivalry, further solidifying his place in the romantic realm.

From Ancient Rebels to Modern Battles

So, we’ve journeyed through time, meeting Saint Valentine, the OG love outlaw, and his funny friend Cupid, the matchmaker. Now, let’s fast-forward to the modern Valentine’s Day ad scene, where brands wage creative combat for both lovers’ hearts and wallets.

But —not all arrows hit their mark. Join us as we explore campaigns that capture the spirit of love and those that fall short.

Ads for Valentine’s Day That Reimagine Tradition

Brands are redefining the holiday with creative ads catering to diverse audiences and leaving lasting impressions. From clever solutions for forgetful romantics to empowering messages for singles, these campaigns tap into the spirit of celebration, love, and genuine connection.



Imagine the horror of realizing you’ve forgotten to buy a Valentine’s Day card on the way home. Snickers‘ 2017 campaign transformed this potential disaster into a sweet opportunity. Their billboard featured a giant “You’re forgetful when you’re hungry” message, with each word cleverly designed as detachable Valentine’s Day cards. 

This experiential marketing provided a practical solution for forgetful significant others and humorously acknowledged the “hangry” state that can cloud our judgment. It’s a reminder that even amid forgetfulness, a little creativity and a Snickers bar can save the day—and your love life.


 Not everyone craves a Hallmark-worthy Valentine’s Day celebration. Ryanair’s 2019 campaign catered to the “EscapeTheNonsense” crowd by offering special “escape fares” for singles looking to avoid the traditional trappings of the holiday. This campaign resonated with those who prefer to celebrate solo, acknowledging that love and romance can be expressed in diverse ways. It’s a playful nod to the fact that not everyone subscribes to the conventional Valentine’s Day narrative, and sometimes, a relaxing getaway might be the most romantic gesture of all.

Bouygues Telecom 

In our hyper-connected world, smartphones can often become unintentional barriers to intimacy. Bouygues Telecom‘s 2023 ad cleverly addressed this issue with a “short cable charger” to encourage couples to rediscover physical connection while charging their phones. This innovative product, accompanied by a heartwarming ad campaign, highlighted the importance of prioritizing real-life interactions over digital distractions.

Creative Valentine’s Day Ads That Take Us Outside the Heart Shaped Box

Still in the category of ads and ideas we think Cupid and Saint Valentine would approve of, this next group of Valentines Day ads really stood out in terms of creativity:

Panera Bread 


Panera’s “Forever Flatbreads” ad wasn’t just a nostalgia trip, it was a clever execution. The “Boy Meets World” reunion brought back iconic characters, but the unexpected twist with the flatbread kept things fresh and relatable. The humor around the “last slice” struggle resonated, and the seamless product placement made the flatbread itself the object of desire. This campaign went beyond food advertising, creating a warm emotional connection and leaving a lasting impression on its targeted audience.



Instead of falling into the usual traps of portraying women as objects of desire, AdoreMe took a refreshingly honest approach in their 2023 campaign, “What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day.” Based on real responses from Reddit users, the campaign showcased genuine desires for comfort, self-care, and quality time with loved ones, rather than focusing solely on material possessions. This authenticity resonated with women who yearned for a more realistic portrayal of their preferences on Valentine’s Day. It served as a powerful reminder that meaningful connections and genuine expressions of love go far beyond fleeting trends.


Match’s “Enjoy It, Because It Won’t Last” isn’t your typical Valentine’s Day ad. A guy preps for romance, but the doorbell reveals his buddies, not a date. This funny twist celebrates single life, reminding viewers it’s worth enjoying while subtly suggesting Match can help find lasting love later. A clever, inclusive campaign that redefined the holiday for a whole audience.

When Love Goes Wrong: Failed Valentine’s Day Ads

While creativity reigns supreme in the world of Valentine’s Day marketing, not all attempts hit the mark. Sometimes, the pursuit of originality can lead down a path of questionable choices and ideas, alienating audiences and harming brand image. Let’s explore some recent Valentine’s Day campaigns that missed the mark, highlighting valuable lessons for future marketing endeavors.

Natan Jewelers

This ad wasn’t just sexist, it was downright creepy. Reducing women to objects to be “bought” with jewelry and suggesting physical intimacy is owed in return is not only harmful, but completely out of touch with modern values. This tone-deaf attempt at romance backfired spectacularly, leaving behind a trail of discomfort and disgust.


This German brand’s ad relied on crude humor and suggestive visuals involving sausages to grab attention. However, their attempt at shock value quickly veered into offensive territory. Playing into harmful stereotypes about women and their desires ultimately backfired, leaving a bad taste in viewers’ mouths and damaging the brand’s image. It’s a reminder that humor based on objectification is never a recipe for success.

Bud Light 

The Bud Light Valentine’s Day ad could be described as a misguided attempt at humor that fell flat. The commercial attempted to play on the idea of romance with a weak pun linking “candlelight” to “Bud Light,” but instead, it showcased clichéd and unflattering portrayals of gender roles. This approach not only lacked originality but also seemed disconnected from the audience’s expectations for meaningful content, resulting in a forgettable and criticized ad campaign.

Ignite Your Brand’s Love Story with Creative Valentine’s Day Ads

While roses may wilt and chocolates become a distant memory, the impact of a truly creative Valentine’s Day ad can linger long after the February 14th dust settles. For brands, it’s not just about fleeting sales figures; it’s about weaving their stories into the fabric of this globally celebrated holiday, forging emotional connections that build lasting loyalty. Conversely, consumers crave ads that transcend mere commercials, becoming delightful additions to their Valentine’s Day narrative.

But crafting the perfect love story for your brand can be tricky!

That’s where Jungle Communications comes in. Our team of marketing matchmakers knows how to blend strategic insights with creative flair, crafting Valentine’s Day ad campaigns that capture hearts and drive results – contact us today and let us help you ignite the spark that sets your brand apart.

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